The 3C’s Model : Delivering Successful Construction Projects

The most important aspect for making a construction project successful is by implementing the 3C;s model. The 3C’s model consists of  Communication , Coordination & Co- Operation. All  these three are interdependent on each other. Communication slightly precedes the other two because without effective communication, cooperation and coordination will not be achieved successfully.

3C in Construction projects

A construction project begins with a desire to develop a structure in the owners mind, then it is conceptualized on paper by Architects and Design Engineers & and then finally the field staff gives shape on the ground. Below mentioned picture shows the general hierarchy of the personnel executing the construction works by following proper HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) standards.

General Hierarchy in construction projects

1. Communication

In construction projects, time is the essence of contract and communication is directly proportional to it. On a particular construction project a huge workforce is involved and each of them possess different roles and functions. Every construction project differs with respect to its size, scale , complexity and ascertainities therefore the requirement of the number of workforce varies from project to project. Here the more the experience of the professionals, the more will be their capability and confidence to execute the work.

Communication for civil engineers

In order to complete the project successfully, everyone needs to be involved with the discussion who are pertinent to the end goal. This means it starts with the project owner and then continues to trickle down to the people in the field. It is essential for all the people to get involved in daily communication to make a project successful.

Here communication doesn’t mean just having a conversation, it’s the ability of the person to understand and convey the required information as per the requirement. These communications need to start prior to the beginning of the project and shall continue  throughout the project until its completion for achieving more productivity and profitability.

2. Coordination

When it comes to Civil engineering, it’s more of a team game. There are numerous departments in a particular construction project and so there is a lot of documentation and procedures that need to be followed during the entire project therefore it is essential for all the people to adopt an unity based orderly arrangement of efforts for completing the works. The only way to get familiar with all these approvals and documentation is to gain experience in the industry.

Coordination in construction projects

Here an individual is expected to perform certain tasks without being informed. If each person needs to be informed every detail then completing the project on time will be almost impossible. Therefore Coordination is the decisive component in achieving the project milestone or deadline.

3. Cooperation

The Proper coordination only can be achieved if there is cooperation from each and every individual. In a particular construction project about 60-70 % of the total personnels involved consists of  the labor taskforce and without them construction is impossible. But a lot of the time there is uncertainty in their willingness to perform the tasks or lack of desire to achieve the project goals.

Cooperation in construction projects

Lack of cooperation is also likely to happen with the rest of the 30-40% personnel’s involved i.e Owners, consultants, Engineers etc. due to various parameters like decision making abilities, politics, expertise, experience and many more. In short a good cooperation can be made from all the people if they have willingness to help each other and can put collective efforts voluntarily for achieving the project goal. All of the communication and coordination does not work if at the end of the day people don’t cooperate.

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