Safety in Construction Projects : Safeguarding Survival

In the 20th Century, the construction industry is in a booming phase and day by day the world is experiencing Larger, Taller, Longer, and Deeper construction projects. Due to rapid urbanization, these projects are becoming more complex and challenging and so the various risks associated with it are also increasing. When it comes to safety in Construction projects, we often visualize the three PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which are safety helmets, aprons, and safety shoes. No doubt that PPE is an integral part of safety but today we will try to understand and have a glimpse few more insights of Safety in Construction Projects.

The 3C’s Model : Delivering Successful Construction Projects

The most important aspect for making a construction project successful is by implementing the 3C;s model. The 3C’s model consists of  Communication , Coordination & Co- Operation. All  these three are interdependent on each other. Communication slightly precedes the other two because without effective communication, cooperation and coordination will not be achieved successfully.

Importance of Construction Site Visits

Construction Site Visits: The Game Changer

In the civil engineering field, practical knowledge is considered as one of the most important aspects in learning and discovering about this field. The best part of site visit is that in every visit, a civil engineer learns and discovers something new. By going on the same site again and again also, we see the structure has taken its new shape.