Urban Development Authorities

Urban Development Authority (India) are statutory civic bodies created for the development of Infrastructure and Housing projects in planned way in cities of India. The foundation for current Indian Urban Development Authority is based on the structure designed during British Colonial Government era as a result of Bombay plague in 1896. Urban Development Authority for each town is created as per 74th amendment of Constitution of India. The authority consists of planners and bureaucrats who are specialised in civic planning. The officials of the authority work with local State Governments in town planning activities.

Urban Development Authority (India) consists of a group of non bureaucratic individuals and agencies who are responsible for planning Infrastructure development in Indian cities. The individuals are specialised in various aspects of town planning activities.

Role of Urban Development Authority

  1. Ensuring that Town planning schemes are implemented.
  2. Creating and implementing development plan of master plan for notified areas.
  3. Creation and implementation of urban area development initiatives like affordable housing,slum dwellers development.
  4. Implementation of Local Area Plan for the improvement of existing areas.
  5. Modernising building laws.
  6. Transit oriented development is promoted,
  7. Inclusion of conversion of heritage buildings in local area plans.
  8. Social and economic development planning.