Geotechnical Engineering Principles in the investigation of failure

An overview of the forensic geotechnical engineering science will be given, followed by a discussion of the main qualities that forensic engineers must have and the technical and ethical challenges they typically face. A review of a number of forensic investigations pertaining to notable geotechnical related failures reported in North America will be then given. This includes a discussion of the subsurface profiles, groundwater conditions, the available design records, the pre and post failure site observations, and the likely origin and cause of the reported failures as concluded by the involved forensic experts. The damaged structures include tunnels, retaining walls, and soil slopes.


University of Alberta Geotechnical Centre


Mr. Ahmed Fahmy, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, AECOM

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer at AECOM (NY-Metro). He has 15 years of combined practical and academic experience working with several employers in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, including AECOM, 30 Forensic Engineering, Golder Associates Ltd., Geoterre Ltd., Dar Al Handasah Consultants, and Geo-Consultants Group. He has provided engineering support services on a wide variety of mega-scale projects and was involved in numerous forensic investigations related to legal and insurance claims. Dr. Fahmy also served as assistant professor (LDA) and research associate at the University of Western Ontario and Dhofar University where he taught graduate and undergraduate level Geotechnical Engineering design courses. Dr. Fahmy is an active member of the deep foundations committee of ASTM international. He has received several awards, has multiple publications, and has served as guest editor and reviewer for several geotechnical journals and conferences.

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Date & Time – 4th April 2022 from 11.30 PM IST

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