Wick Drains for Consolidation Settlement

Wick drains, also known as Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) are prefabricated geotextile filter-wrapped plastic strips with molded channels. These act as drainage paths to take pore water out of soft compressible soil so it consolidates faster, often from decades to months.

Webinar Outline

What Wick Drains Are
Band-Shaped Plastic Core Wrapped in a Geotextile Fabric

How Wick Drains Work
Create a Preferred Drainage Path for Pore Water Pressure Evacuation

Why Use Wick Drains
Expedite Construction, Limit Long-Term Settlement


Farrell Design-Build Companies, Inc.

Webinar Details

Date – 20th October 2022

Time – 12.30 AM IST


Mr. Martin Taube (Vice President- BD), Menard USA
Mr. Brian McGlynn (Regional Estimation Engineer). Menard USA

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