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The best way to understand something is to identify the “WHY” of that thing. In this post we will try to deeply understand the “WHY” of civil engineering on the planet earth.

What is Civil Engineering ?

The Word “Engineering”

Let us first understand the meaning of engineering. Engineering is a science in which engineers study how to use the resources provided by nature in the development of human mankind. Here the goal is development.

The Word “Civil”

Right from our school days, we all have studied and are familiar with the word “Civilization”  which means the development of a particular area in which people live together. Here the term “Civil “refers to citizens or related to people.

Civil Engineering = People + Development

Civil engineering is considered as the oldest branch of engineering because it existed right from the evolution of humans. It is a basic necessity of life (food, clothing and shelter). The practice of civil engineering started (shelter) right from there! The people who started this practice of civil engineering are known as CIVIL ENGINEERS.

What do Civil Engineers do ?

Now we have understood about civil engineering. There are millions of civil engineers in this world working daily to fulfill the needs and demand of the people. Lets understand through the lens of civil engineers what and how did they fulfilled the demands of the people. Below mentioned are the 10 points which will give an broader view of civil engineering application in the real world.

Scope of Civil Engineering

1. People needed a shelter in which they can stay with their family protecting themselves from hot and cold weather, heavy rains and perform daily rituals.

Housing and Building systems in construction
Civil engineers created Housing systems which consists of houses and buildings.

2. People needed a flexible and  comfortable system to travel across long routes.

Transportation systems in civil engineering
Civil engineers created airports, railway lines and roads networks.

3.  People needed energy systems to satisfy basic necessities of life.

Power systems in civil engineering
Civil engineers created Transmission Lines, Thermal Power Plants, Solar Plants, Wind Turbines

4.  People needed a system which can help them in disposing their Domestic and Industrial waste

Waste management in civil engineering
Civil engineers created Water Treatment Plants, Landfill Systems, Sewer Systems

5.  People needed a system which can provide the most important component of life which is Water

Water management in civil engineering
Civil engineers created Reservoirs Systems, Pipeline Networks, Recharge Systems,
Irrigation Systems, Storage Systems

6.  People needed systems for production and storage of one of basic necessity of life which is food.

Warehouse construction
Civil engineers created Civil Engineers created Factories and Warehouses.

7.  People needed fuel production facilities and its storage systems

Oil and Gas Construction
Civil engineers created Oil Refineries, Offshore Platforms, Gas Terminals

8.  People needed a platform near coastlines for movement of goods and people through sea route

Ports and Harbors in construction
Civil engineers created Ports and Harbors

9.  People needed places to enjoy and hangout with their family and friends

Monuments in civil engineering
Civil engineers created Amusement Parks, Museums, Monuments

10.  Last but not least , We know that in today’s world it is very difficult for the people to live without internet and world internet population is growing significantly every year. Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated everyday and is increasing day by day. Now these data has to be stored somewhere.

Data centre construction
Civil engineers created Large Data Centers on Land as well as in Water

Future of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is that branch of engineering which will always exists until the people exist on this earth. However, the demand of this field is increasing rapidly due to increase in World Population. The more the population, the more will be the demand of people. So yes it can be stated that there will always be demand of civil engineers in this world.

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