Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA): Theory to Practice

Stone matrix asphalt (SMA) is a gap graded bituminous mix, which has strong rutting and fatigue cracking resistant properties. Due to nature of aggregate gradation, its results stone-on-stone contact, which offers superior rutting performance compared to dense graded mixes. Since SMA has higher dose of binder, it require use of cellulose fiber to mitigate drainage down. Though SMA is a not a new mix, however, its application in India has started on a larger scale in last couple of years. Like any other bituminous mixes, SMA also require a good understanding on mix design, selection of materials, production, and paving process.

In the field, paving of SMA is equally important. Since SMA is composed of higher percentage of coarse aggregates, and results in a harsh mix, which can pose threat to workability of a mix. Further, demand and supply mechanism from plant to paver is to be established for continuous paving of SMA mix. Therefore, understanding paving operation is critical. Similarly, compaction of SMA, role of different rollers, sequences, their frequency and amplitude setting are few factors which require attention. In spite of attention on various aspects, there any many challenges which can result in unexpected quality of SMA mix, and issue may range from materials, mix design, production, laying, and compaction. 

Course Outline :

  • 1. Basics on bituminous mixes and aggregates gradation
  • 2. Mix design of SMA, volumetric of SMA mix, VCAdry, VCAmix, binder content
  • 3. Role of fibers, quality, dose, and properties.
  • 4. Discussion on industry response on SMA related survey questions
  • 5. Performance tests on SMA
  • 6. SMA production in the plant and field practices
  • 7. Laying and compaction of SMA in the field
  • 8. Life cycle cost and benefits 9. Distress and troubleshooting on SMA

Key benefits from this workshop :

This One day program is planned for highway engineers to learn on stone matrix asphalt (SMA) from theory to practice. It is expected the course will be beneficial to understand basic fundamental of SMA, selection, materials, production and laying.


Continuing Education Programme (CEP) , IIT Bombay


Prof.Dharamveer Singh

Event Details

Date & Time – 19th October 2022 & 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM IST

Fees- INR 1000 (inclusive of 18% GST)

Duration- 1 day


Course instructor

Prof. Dharamveer Singh, Associate Professor Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mobile: +91-976-901-7304, E-mail:

Course materials

The lecture notes/slides (hard copies) will be made available to the participants at the end of the course.

Participation certificate

Successful participants will be awarded `Course Participant Certificate’ from IIT Bombay on the last day of the course. Contact information Office of Continuing Education Programme (CEP), IIT Bombay Phone : +91-22-2576 7047, 25767060 Fax : +91-22-2578 3480, 2572 6199 E-mail :,

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