Reality vs Expectations in Civil Engineering Careers

We all choose our career path based on our younger self’s dreams and expectations of what we might be able to do and work on someday in the future. Whether we thought we would design and build the next Burj Khalifa or get rich off an extremely high salary right after getting our first job out of college, the truth is that, even though we can still accomplish such things, we have to be mindful of how we go for it.

In today’s episode, Mark Oakeson jumps back on the show to discuss the expectations most of us may have of the civil engineering world as well as how it realistically works. By drawing on their own experiences within the field and their early days as civil engineers just fresh out of college, Isaac, and Mark talk about the many aspects we got wrong, and the ones we got right when we imagined ourselves as civil engineers even before going to college.

Do engineers really make that much money, even those just starting out? Is your project built exactly as your artistically created Revit model? Is the size of the projects you work on more important than the number of projects you take part in? Tune in to learn about this and much more!



Event Details

Speaker :-Mark Oakeson, PE, SE

Mark has been around the
engineering block. He has
managed multi-million dollar
projects which has been his forte for
20+ years. His vast experience and
wealth of knowledge will help any
engineer grasp theconcepts needed to take and pass the both the FE and PE exams with flying colors because he practices the concepts on a daily basis

Host :- Isaac Oakeson, PE, Founder, Civilengineeringacademy

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