Investigation & Repair of Underground Structures

As the tunnels internationally and particularly in Europe become older, the matter of inspection, maintenance and repair adopts an ever increasing degree of importance. Generally Basements normally fail much earlier than the design service life. The failures discussed will include:

• Groundwater ingress
• Corrosion
• Post Tension failures
• Hydrostatic slab failure

The session will focus on how a proactive approach to maintenance, repair, and asset management is the most efficient way to extend and maintain the serviceability of these structures.


Structural Technologies

Event Details

DATE: 2nd August 2021

Time: 12.30 PM IST & 11.00 AM Dubai


Mr Bill Hutton

As a leader in Structural Technologies ME Corrosion Team, Bill is responsible for the engineering, material selection and procurement, commissioning, and monitoring of cathodic protection and corrosion prevention systems for reinforced concrete structures within the region. He has extensive experience in new and existing reinforced concrete structures such as basements, car parks, marine, and industrial infrastructures.

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