SewerGEMS & Hammer

SewerGEMS streamlines the modeling process, so that you have more time for solving wastewater engineering problems, such as improving capacity and limiting sewer overflows, which ultimately enable utilities to comply with sewer regulations set by regulatory agencies.

Bentley HAMMER CONNECT is an advanced numerical simulator of hydraulic transient phenomena (water hammer) in water, wastewater, industrial, and mining systems. … With Bentley HAMMER CONNECT, you can analyze drinking water systems, sewage forcemains, fire protection systems, well pumps, and raw-water transmission lines.

1. An Exclusive Opportunity to learn & interact with globally acclaimed #HydraulicModeling Experts, having international exposure and understanding of regional and global water systems.
2. Contents, Presentations, Datasets, and Training Manuals shall be shared!
3. Modeling tips and tricks shall be discussed and shared!
4. Case Study of Hydraulic Models shall be demonstrated so that you get a feel of how Practitioners can apply it to tackle their own unique engineering challenges!


DTK Hydronet & Bentley Systems

Event Details

DATE: , 21st April 2021

Upon Successful Completion of this Course, the participants shall earn a ‘Certificate of Accomplishment’ from BentleyInstitute


1. Tanay Kulkarni is a Master of Engineering (Hydraulics) and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. He is also certified on ‘Big Data’ from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He is a highly experienced Water Professional with a record of training thousands of water practitioners and engineers of the globe and helping them tackle their unique challenges using hydraulic modelling technologies. He has offered consultation to major utilities like Public Utilities Board- Singapore, Colombo Municipal Corporation- Sri Lanka, Department of Engineering- Bhutan, Manila Water Board and Maynilad Water Board- Philippines, Saudi Aramco- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Federal Electricity and Water Authority- United Arab Emirates, and many more. Previously, he was with Bentley Systems where he led as Water Solutions Consultant and was responsible for Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. Tanay specializes in water mechanics, hydropower engineering, surge analysis, big data, hydraulic and hydrologic modelling, GIS.

2. Devashri Karve is a Master of Engineering (Hydraulics) and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. She is a two-time WINNER of the Global Year in Infrastructure Awards (2018- UK and 2020-Canada). Devashri is a Woman Entrepreneur, passionate about Water Infrastructure, recognized consistently for performance, excellence, and contributions to Indian water projects. Specialization in planning and designing water supply, sewerage, and irrigation projects, for government utilities and EPC contractors. Proficient in network modeling and water systems engineering.

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