Integrity Testing of Concrete Foundations by Low Strain Dynamic Testing, Cross Hole Sonic Logging and Basic Principles of Thermal Integrity Profiling

A pile is a slender element cast in the ground or driven into it. Since pile construction as well as the final product are mostly invisible, engineers have often questioned their integrity, i.e. their compliance with project drawings and specifications. In fact, experience has shown that in piles, of all kinds flaws may occur. The purpose of integrity testing is to discover such flaws before they can cause any damage.

Historically, pile integrity was investigated by direct methods. These included external methods such as excavation around the pile and internal or intrusive methods, such as core-drilling . While excavation may be effective in exposing flaws in the outer part of the pile, it is usually limited to a depth of a few meters. Core drilling, on the other hand, can be carried out to a large depth provides full information, but only for a very small fraction of the pile volume.

pile integrity test (also known as low-strain dynamic testsonic echo test, and low-strain integrity test) is one of the methods for assessing the condition of piles or shafts. It is cost-effective and not very time-consuming. The test works well in concrete or timber foundations that are not excessively slender. Usually the method is applied to recently constructed piles that are not yet connected to a structure. However, this method is also used to test the integrity and to determine the length of piles embedded in structures. Widely used in Australia now on existing structures.

Who should attend:

Geotechnical, structural and construction engineers; testers, researchers and
contractors interested in learning more about low strain dynamic foundation
testing/ pile integrity testing or PIT), cross hole sonic logging (CSL), and thermal
integrity profiling (TIP) techniques


Pile Dynamics

Event Details

DATE: 30th November to 2nd December 2021

TIME- 9.00 PM IST everyday

Duration- 2 Hours daily


Mr. Ryan Allin, P.E.,
Ryan a senior engineer and partner in GRL Engineers and Pile Dynamics. He has a
BS in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University and has achieved Expert
level on the PDCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test. After
several years performing the entire range of services offered by GRL throughout the
United States and in international offshore projects, Ryan is currently responsible for
all PDI’s educational programs for foundation testing professionals. In that capacity
he has lectured on numerous seminars, webinars and workshops on foundation
testing and has co-authored papers on the subject. Ryan is a member of the
American Society of Civil Engineers and a registered professional engineer in Ohio,
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and Kentucky.

A Certificate of Completion documenting the number of hours of instruction (PDH) will be provided to those that take a short quiz at the end of the webinar

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