Innovations on Sanitary Landfill Design 

Waste materials disposal is a significant problem worldwide, necessitating the demand for greater landfill capacity. Our society requires proper administration of these areas in order to improve environmental conditions affecting our quality of life.

Sanitary landfills are sites where waste is isolated from the environment until it is safe.
It is considered when it has completely degraded biologically, chemically and physically. In high-income countries, the level of isolation achieved may be high. However, such an expensive high level of isolation may not be technically necessary to protect public health. Four basic conditions should be met before a site can be regarded as a sanitary landfill (see following.) The ways of doing this should be adapted to local conditions. The immediate goal is to meet, to the best extent possible, the four stated basic sanitary landfill conditions, with a longer term goal to meet them eventually in full.

What you can expect from this from this webinar :

The following fundamental engineering principles related to the design, construction, and operation of SLFs will be presented: 

  • Slope stability and erosion control 
  • Stabilization and design of gravel access roads 
  • Surface and sub-surface drainage design 
  • Selection and design of landfill liners (a system of clay layers and/or geosynthetic membranes used to contain leachate and prevent contaminant flow to groundwater.) 
  • Alternatives to soil cover 




Mr. Xavier Ysip, Technical Business Development Engineer – Erosion Control
Ms.Marizol Marie, Technical and Business Development Engineer – Rockfall

Event Details

Date & Time – Fri, Aug 26, 2022 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM IST

E-Certificates will be provided upon request.

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