Helical Pile & Anchor

The course is intended for those who already have a basic understanding of helical piles and anchors but wish to strengthen their knowledge and increase their ability to make advanced design choices and prepare quality construction documents. Specifically, Structural & Geotechnical Engineers or engineering managers and supervisors who are responsible for the design or qualification of foundation and earth retention systems as well as those responsible for auditing, reviewing or approvingsuch designs will benefit from this course. 

*Team discounts along with discounts for Students & Professors are available.

Seminar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Participants will strengthen their understanding of helical technology from the experience and the practical knowledge presented.

Benefits include the ability to:

  • Recognize potential applications of helical piles and anchors
  • Understand the basic terms used to specify these products
  • Select the most technically appropriate and cost effective material(s)
  • Appropriately evaluate and review contractor submittals
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the helical pile and anchor installation process
  • Six (6) Professional Development Hours

Learn the proper application, installation, material selection and specification of CHANCE® Helical anchors, helical piles and ATLAS® Resistance Piers. In this one day seminar, participants will be given a thorough theoretical review of helical anchors (tension) used in earth retention structures as well as ATLAS® Resistance piers and helical piles (compression) used in structures requriging deep foundation support. The kowledge and techniques developed in this course will allow participants to design, install, and specify helical anchors and piers/piles utilizing the latest developments in steel foundation technology. 

Advantages of Helical Foundations:

  • Install in Limited Access
  • Install with Small Equipment
  • Low Mobilization Costs
  • Speed
  • No Spoils
  • Low Impact – No Vibration
  • Instant Capacity – Load Immediately
  • QC – Field Measurable Torque

Event Details


Date :- 21 st October 2021

Time :- 9.30 AM IS

Credits :- 6 PDH

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