Geotechnical Investigation Planning & Interpretation

Geotechnical investigations have acquired substantial importance in preventing human and material damage due to the earthquakes, foundation cracks, and other catastrophes. Geotechnical investigations can be as simple as conducting only a visual assessment of the site or as detailed as a computer-aided study of the soil using laboratory tests. 

The culmination of the investigation is a report summarizing the field and lab findings; conclusions regarding the geotechnical impacts of the site; and recommendations for the most technically suitable construction. Geotechnical investigations have become an essential component of every construction to ensure safety of human beings and materials. It includes a detailed investigation of the soil to determine the soil strength, composition, water content, and other important soil characteristics.




Mr. Shekhar Vaishampayan Sub Surface Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Prof. (Dr). Anand Katti MD, Nagar Yuvak Shikshan Sanstha

Course Details

Date & Time -19 th February, 2022 from 4.00pm to 6.30pm


Professionals- 250/- INR

Faculties- 150/- INR

Students- 50/- INR


Viha pol- 9152031321

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