Ethics & Professional Practice in Structural Engineering

Morality, Ethics, and Integrity are crucial for today’s Engineers, Leaders and Managers. They are often considered the most important quality, for an Executive. Leaders and individuals in professional fields of structural engineering practice are ultimately held to an elevated set of ethical standards of behavior that are underpinned by legislation, regulation and business standards which may include National and International codes of practice. Ethical example and tone are not only set by the leadership of an organization but are now increasingly integrated within professional bodies who hold their membership contingent to well-defined integrity and ethical standards. Building a culture of ethical behavior in the profession of Civil / Structural engineering, in the organization you are working / leading, is one of a leader’s most challenging yet essential jobs. The tone at the top of the organization is important and it is the ethical culture in the organization that sets the tone since employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, often without strong knowledge of good ethical practices.

Most employees and Leaders are not very clear about what exactly constitutes Ethical behaviour, and Integrity, other than a vague sense of right and wrong, rules and compliance. This half-day course is aimed at structural engineering professionals in their fields of practice and covers key ethics content relevant to professionals who are guided by a specific set of ethical standards and applied codes of practice.


Indian Association of Structural Engineers

Prof. Mahesh Tandon, Mr. Alok Bhowmick, and Mr. Manoj Mittal.

Course Details

Course Start Date -Feb 11, 2022 03:00 PM IST

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