Open Towers

Efficiently design and model towers, such as lattice towers and guyed masts, as well as equipment like antennas, mounts, and linear appurtenances, with these purpose-built applications. Bentley’s tower applications are built to specifically suit your tower workflows to optimize design Read more

BEAMS Estimating

Estimate :  Quick and accurate estimates in minutes not days with Beams inbuilt Prescriptions!  Onscreen takeoff with CAD Image is unrivalled and even produces overlays and cutting lists.Quote & Specification :  Prepare personalised details directly from the estimate with no double Read more

GEO 5 Slope Stability

This program is used to perform slope stability analysis (embankments, earth cuts, anchored retaining structures, MSE walls, etc.). The slip surface is considered as circular (Bishop, Fellenius/Petterson, Janbu, Morgenstern-Price or Spencer methods) or polygonal (Sarma, Janbu, Morgenstern-Price or Spencer methods). Read more


GTS NX is finite element analysis software for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability,as well as groundwater flow, dynamic vibrations and soil-structure interaction in 2D and 3D. GTS NX is used for analysis, testing, and design Read more


RiverFlow2D is the most advanced two-dimensional combined hydraulic and hydrologic flexible-mesh model, offering a high-performance finite-volume engine for speedy, accurate, and volume conservative computations in all river and estuary projects. It can tackle the most demanding flood modeling situations including dam-break and Read more